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Translation Services

Especially in Legal and Financial Documents

Products and Services

  Our center is designated to translation services. The center is further divided into a Legal Translation Division and a Financial Translation Division. Boasting translators and experts in law and economics with experiences no less than ten years, our center guarantees timely delivery of quality translation services, which are accurate and authoritative, just what each of our clients needs.

Legal Translation Division

  This Division is specialized in the translation of laws, regulations and rules, as well as law-related documents, academic papers of law sciences. On 24 x 7 basis, we can provide our clients with the standard translation version of any piece of Chinese laws and regulations. We are assistant indispensable to law firms, corporate legal Divisions and all concerned. This Center has set up a large database consisting of English version of more than two thousand pieces of Chinese legislation, which is accessible via this site.

Financial Translation Division

  This Division provides translation services specialized in banking, securities, contracts, feasibility study, financial statements, appraisal reports, regular reports of listed companies, bidding documents, as well as localization of relevant websites, which requires high precision and accuracy. Together with the Legal Translation Division, we provide cross-disciplinary translation solutions to your needs.

Services are available on 7 x 24 basis.


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